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Conflict Minerals Policy

Conflict Minerals Policy

A.V.Saldature s.r.l. recognizes that there are serious human rights abuses associated with the extraction, transport and trade of Conflict Minerals from the DRC Region. The Company will undertake efforts to manage the risk that its products may contain Conflict Minerals. We will adhere to the following procedures to determine whether such Conflict Minerals are used in the production of our products.
1. We will review our products to identify any items that have a specification or function that requires the use of a Conflict Mineral.
2. We will conduct a reasonable inquiry of our suppliers to confirm or refute our findings and, where confirmed, request our suppliers to identify the Conflict Minerals’ country of origin.
3. Where we have reason to believe that a direct material contains a Conflict Mineral directly or indirectly sourced from the DRC Region, the Company will request its direct suppliers of such Conflict Minerals to disclose the identities of their upstream suppliers, with the goal of identifying the smelter (or, for gold, the refiner) and ultimately source mine of the Conflict Mineral.
4. Where the Company discovers evidence indicating the probability that materials provided by a direct supplier contain Conflict Minerals sourced from the DRC Region, the Company will make further inquiry to determine whether its purchase of such materials is benefitting any persons known to be engaged in human rights abuses in the DRC Region.
5. If the Company determines that its economic activities directly or indirectly benefit such persons and where (i) a supplier refuses to eliminate such persons as a source of such materials, or (ii) the Company determines that the supplier cannot or has not eliminated such sources or materials, the Company will develop alternate sources of the materials and discontinue its relationship with the supplier at its earliest practicable opportunity.
The Company is committed to continuous progress toward making all of its products “Conflict Free.” We are equally committed to identifying and eliminating any commercial relationship or other economic activity that directly or indirectly benefits persons or groups engaged in human rights abuses.
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