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Emergency Covid-19 in the north of Italy latest update March the 8th

Dear Customer

We would like to shed some light on Emergency measures imposed by our government in the night between the 7th and the 8th of March.

We know that international media are reporting extreme news about the infection of Corona virus, but we would like to assure you that we are fine, no people in the company have showed symptoms of COV-19, and from the early beginning of the emergency  we set a sanitary plan in our company in case of infection.

At the moment and till the 3rd of April the government has closed school, sport centers, and entertainments like cinema or theaters. Shopping center will be closed in the weekend, pub and restaurant are open from 8 to 18.

There is no an explicit limitation to travel but it is asked to reduce or cancel the travel outside our territory if not necessary. The most important  thing economic activities are open and operatives.

No limitation were made on goods. 

Our company is open and active, our stocks are able to satisfy most of the requests for material for the next 8 weeks and  we are able to deliver at  any destination.

Nevertheless knowing that the infection is running we have also moved some strategic stock in our controlled company A.V.Saldature Polska s.r.o. and in our deposit located on A.V.D. pájení s.r.o.  to guarantee our supply chain.

We’ll keep you informed about any further development

A.V.Saldature Team


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