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We produce and sell materials and technologies for Brazing
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Brazing is a cool job! A different whew on Brazing world: people, technologies, curiosity. Our Blog will be the Place to be!
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Alloys, Fluxes, clearances are common words if you are familiar with braze welding, if not this small guide will help you trough
About us
Aprile and Villa this are the names of the A.V.Saldature founders. 30 years ago, there was a shop in basement now there is factory: a typical Italian story
there are many application for brazing technology,. Came inside and find out how our products go into your everyday work
think about it
are you sure you are using the best product for your work?
Came inside and find out how we can hel you...
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Grwoing we lernded that to be small means to be flexible, to be flexible means to adapt to our custemr needs
do you need you order now? no problem..
are you sure you are using the best product?