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the right choice of the product can be related to many factors, the first is the material of the join with is melting temperature, other factors as resistance to corrosion or tensile straight may be considered.

our catalogue can be consider a small precius guide to your right choice


A complete range of brazing alloys, common or special to satisfy the customer needs, available in many forms or dimensions
Alloys - fluxes - brazing machine and accessories : also Wikipedia has published a list
Silver alloy brazing Fluxes, high temperature fluxes, powder, paste liquid or dispensable: a complete range of products for every brazing needs
Metal pastes for brazing applications with Controlled Atmosphere Belt (CAB) furnace or vacuum furnace; Copper, Nickel, Silver, Copper Phosphorus, with flux for non controlled atmosphere or for automatic brazing process with flame or with induction. the pastes are an excellent way also to braze manually small objects because is often possible to add a dedicated flux
A.V.Saldature s.r.l. is an Italian company specialized in brazing material.